Machines Confiscated In Illegal Gambling In Fresno


Sep 2015

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Illegal slot machines confiscated

Fresno, California became a hot topic as authorities were able to track down and stop an illegal gambling operation, where they confiscated four machines in the process. However, it was not the prime objective of the authorities to track illegal gambling operations, but was actually conducting an investigation into a marijuana-growing operation.

According to the Sgt. Paul Cervantes of the Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium (MAGEC) Metropolitan Tactical Team, they located four machines, as well as money that could be connected to the crimes. He also mentioned that being able to find and stop one of these operations is quite unusual due to the fact that everything can be moved with great ease; making it hard to track.

The way these operations work is that the individuals involved all work at one location, but they move the games frequently in order to avoid detection. It was lucky for them to find this, as well as drugs, a handgun, and a safe containing more illegal firearms. Stopping this seemingly significant operation did great things for the neighborhood, as that could have attracted a less than upstanding crowd.

I, like many others, do not understand how these illegal gambling spots survive. Considering the fact that it is not reputable, the machines themselves must not be up to code. This would completely nullify the random number generator, and could even prove to pay the house even more than what is stipulated by law.

This is a great find, even if they only found four slot machines, as it will certainly get people going to the reputable casinos, where laws can protect them and their money.