Skill Based Slots Approved In Las Vegas


Sep 2015

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Skill-based slot machines

On Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Commission changed its regulation towards the use of skill-based and arcadelike features on one-armed bandits, where it approved its use in Las Vegas casinos. This has opened a lot of doors, as there has been a steady decline in the amount of young players that play these games. The market has seen a change towards more interactive games, with Apps on their smartphones that resemble the arcade games of the past.

This is where slot manufacturers have gotten the idea of mixing the old with the new in order to bring in new players. The main idea is to mix both genres to create one super-powered machine, where young players will feel right at home and actually invest money into playing. Evidence has already proven that people will spend money, even small amounts, on things like Freemium games; here’s looking at you Candy Crush.

It seems that everyone is on board for this new regulation passing. “This is an evolution in gaming,” said Gregg Giuffria CEO of Las Vegas-based G2 Game Design. “An older demographic is currently playing slot machines. This addresses a completely new generation coming into casinos and a new wave of players.”

With the decrease in revenue from luck and random based games, this will expand their market. One thing that legislators like is skill-based games, as their constituents will have some control over winning money at a casino. This is what will likely drive even more states to adopt this regulation, with New Jersey being the first as of February, and Nevada following closely behind.

This concept is great for all parties, as casinos will be able to reinvigorate their slot machine floor, and at the same time, the players will be able to be entertained by something other than reels and symbols.