USA And Canada Becoming Friendlier With Slot Machines


Apr 2015

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Slot machines USA Canada

It is a good week to be a fan of slot machines, seeing as how there is much good news going on this week that it will be hard not to spin those reels. We know from previous news that a bill was being set up to separate the dog racing from the other aspects, in particular, slots at the racetracks in Florida, more specifically in Palm Beach County.

It would seem that this idea is spreading like wild fire and is getting everyone’s approval. With the senate giving the Seminole Tribe license to use blackjack for another year, they included a few changes. One provision would allow tracks in Lee and Palm Beach counties to add slot machines to their overall business.

On top of this, they are allowing greyhound racetracks to offer other types of gambling, regardless if they stop hosting live races. This is a huge step forward, as they are practically giving them rights as casinos. Read more details of this amazing news here.

On a side note, our neighbours to the north have set their eye on these fabulous machines. The City of North Vancouver is looking at their 20 year old ban on gambling facilities. Playtime Gaming is at the head of this, as they wish to develop a community gaming center, where only slot machines would be present. We will have to wait and see if the decision to overturn the ban goes through.