Slots Revenue Helping After-School Programs


Jul 2015

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School Uses Slots Revenue

Among many of the different recipients of a good amount in slots revenue in Pennsylvania, one stands out the most. An after-school program, SHINE or rather Schools and Homes in Education is actually receiving the most from the revenue.

With the total of $12.7 million in revenue that was given to 54 economic development and civic improvement projects across Luzerne County, SHINE was given $831,000, as their program will reach 1,000 students in Wilkes-Barre Area, Hazleton Area, Wyoming Valley West, Nanticoke Area and Hanover Area school districts.

One reason this program was given such high regards was the fact that Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea said after-school programs are a good deterrent to juvenile crime, which is a great incentive. Rather than punish, the State seems to want to prevent by helping students fill their time more productively.

Another great reason to stop demonizing slot machines and other gambling as an evil, as the tax revenue can go a long way to help out in education, social programs, and infrastructure. Let’s hope we continue to see more uplifting news in these regards.