Florida Deal With Seminoles Adds Slot Machines And Games


Oct 2015

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Florida racetrack slot machines

Great news all around for residents of the state of Florida, as Seminole casinos, Kennel Club, and the Governor work out a deal to include craps, roulette, and slots. Once this gambling deal is done being negotiated and is signed by all parties, Florida could receive at least $3 billion over seven years. This deal stems from a previous deal the state had with the Seminole tribes, where they were given exclusive rights to offer blackjack at their casinos, but expired earlier this year.

As Governor Rick Scott handles the deal between the state and the Seminoles, they are trying to rewrite a 20-year agreement, or better known as a “compact” that gave the tribe the right to use slot machines and other table games. The previous agreement was for 5 years and inked in 2010, which guaranteed the state $1 billion over that time period. The new deal would have the Seminoles guarantee $3 billion over seven years as part of the agreement that would go on to last another 20 years.

“What I can confirm is that negotiations have made significant progress. We’re at a place where the taxpayers will be seeing a significantly higher share from the tribe than they currently receive. That would be hundreds of millions of dollars that we could use to invest in education, infrastructure or other core services. … I can also confirm that we could do all of this and also, for the first time, contract gaming in areas where it’s dying,” – Senate Regulated Industries Chairman Rob Bradley.

So, it looks like the talks are going in the right direction and could give the state much needed help with the extra taxes this would bring in. However, under the agreement it would ban “player-banked” card games. All parties involved are hoping the deal is agreed upon before the end of the year, as the Seminoles no longer have exclusive rights to offer table games. The Kennel Club is also looking forward to installing the new slots in their racetrack.